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Aviyaan Team

Who Are We

AVIYAAN Consulting (P) Ltd is a private, independent firm based in Kathmandu, Nepal, a group of Experienced and dedicated Engineers initiated the company to provide technical assistant and professional services in civil engineering and Software Engineering.

AVIYAAN Consulting (P) Ltd is a multi-disciplinary engineering, architecture, planning and sur-veying firm specializing in design and planning of projects. Our staff of professionals and techni-cians was organized in 2007 and has been providing professional services since that time. We are organized into as Planning, Project Management, Socio-economic studies, and Feasibility studies, Survey, Mapping, Applied Research Civil Engineering Software Development and Geo-graphical Information System Development. Our planning services are primarily agency approvals processing facilitation, an area in which we have considerable experience. Our firm enjoys taking part in positive public infrastructure projects and private sector improvement projects.

What We Do

  • Field Investigations

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Detailed Designs and Drawings

  • Construction Supervision

  • Project Benefit Monitoring and Evaluation Studies

  • Financial Analysis and Project Management

  • Tender Documents Preparation

  • Project Preparation and Design

  • Project Implementation and Monitoring

  • Training

  • Asset Valuation

  • Quantity & Cost Estimation

Working Field

Water Resources Development

Water Supply and Sanitary Engineering

Geographical Information Systems

Transportation Engineering

Engineering Survey

Civil Engineering Software

Electrical Transmission & Distribution

DGPS Survey

Traffic Engineering